Shipping Services We offer.

Seakargo Shipping Services is a shipping company registered in the UK, we are specialists in car shipping & Container export of personal items . We are in partnership with many shipping lines in the UK and are able to ship vehicles, cargo and personal effects at the lowest price possible. If you are looking to Import export / ship a vehicle, container or personal items then please feel free to give us a call or submit an enquirer.

We offer - Containers Shipping to Banjul, Gambia | West Africa- Container shipping | cars shipping to gambia from uk | Personal items Shipping to Banjul | Shipping to Gambia ,

UK / US Freight Forwarder, Offer Import services We are specialize in import classic car from usa to the UK | USA to UK Car Shipping services | Vehicle Import Specialist ,

If you have Question about How to: Import a classic car from USA to UK then contact us now on 01473 375030 we will be happy to help. If you would like to know all about Importing car from the US, duty and VAT loopholes? then we can give you a good advise!!